Friday, June 6, 2008

Photo Shoot

I finally got it together to set up a photo shoot for Evie's birth announcements! She had fun stripping down to britches and taking pictures.


xobeachbmox2 said...

OMG! guys she is so cute! i can not belive how big she is already. Mom says she looks a lot like you aunt michelle haha Well i can't wait to see her, miss you all!!! <3 Sammie

Jenny from the block said...

WoW! She is really cute! Keep blogging...I love to see her change and grow...even though it seems like it is happening lightning speed!! It almost motivates me to get off my lazy rear and get my kids out there! See you all in you! Jenifer Griffe

Master Mixa said...

I cannot wait for you all to meet her also! Jen, I thought you were going to say that you were going to get off your rear and have another one. Aren't you about due to procreate again? :) Can't wait to see you Sammie, in a couple of weeks and you, Jen, in August! Keep visiting and adding posts!


JamieC said...

EEEEE! I want to hold this baby! I hope you bring her to work for a visit sometime! Super Cute.