Monday, June 30, 2008

Ok Ok, alright already

Hi all.... thanks for checking in! I know we have not updated the blog in a couple of weeks. Evie and I have been having a great time staying at the cottage with my mom and dad a couple of nights a week. We have a family of swans this year that make their rounds in the lagoon which is really cool. We have never really seen a family of swans regularly visit us- pretty cool.

Paul, Sandra, Donald, and I all went to the Steve Miller Band and Joe Cocker concert at Summer Celebration this past Thursday. Joe was awesome but Steve Miller has had better concerts! We had a great time together and it seems that summer has finally arrived now that the concert season in Muskegon is here! Aunt Avis and Chadsitty babysat Evie and of course did a wonderful job!

Evie, Don, Sandra, and I also visited Hazel on her 80-something birthday! She loved the strawberry shortcake we brought her! Bob really wasn't all that impressed!

This past weekend we traveled to Chicago and Evelyn finally met her Mixa family! She was also baptized with her Uncle Bobby and Aunt Andrea as Godparents. The ceremony was wonderful and we had a very fun party afterward and celebrated along with Samantha who just graduated from high school. (And we even got to eat cake!)

Today Evie had her 2 month weigh in..... she is now 10 pounds 4 ounces and 22 inches long- I cannot believe how fast she is growing and evolving! I am so fortunate to be able to be home with her and see every face she makes and hear every grunt!! :)

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