Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Parade

Happy Memorial Day! Evie, GoGo and NoGo all went down to watch the Memorial Day Parade in Lakeside. Evie met Aunt Mary for the first time as well as Bob, Claudia and their two kids. We saw Chadcity and NoGo's twin brother, Uncle Dan, in the parade and got lots of flags! Unfortunatly, we missed seeing Hannah :( .The weather was perfect with sun and eventual 80 degree weather. Paul and NoGo started the BBQ for the first grill out of the summer and Aunt Avis and Uncle Bill stopped by to join in on the good food! Evie also snuggled up with Audrey who gave her a big kiss! We can't wait for the first campfire of the year..... Summertime, and the livin' is easy!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Look who has a belly button!

Our girl is growing! Friday night Evie lost her cord and now has a belly button.... how cute! Yesterday we went to Grand Haven's Rib Fest. There was not much going on as Famous Dave's was the only booth that had any ribs left. Oh well, we had fun anyway.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Evelyn Ingrid has arrived!

Paul and I are so blessed to welcome our healthy daughter into this world! She was born 5/5/08 and was 6 pounds 9 ounces, 19 inches long. After a brief stint at DeVos Children's Hospital, our family arrived at home on 5/8/08.

Emma was interested in Evie right away and still sniffs her like crazy. She also enjoys licking her hands.... mmmmm.... milk! Lucy isn't really all that interested as she realizes how dethroned she has become! These two were kicked to the curb so quickly. We try to make sure we spend lots of time with them when Evie is sleeping.

5/14/08 Aunt Mary, Uncle John and Grandma Mixa visited us. We had a wonderful day visiting and Evie was so good! She mostly slept except when we sat down to eat dinner! Mary and John brought us wonderful coffee cake, lasagna and salad and Grandma Mixa brought spinach cake... yummmmmmm!

This past weekend Evie, GoGo, and I stayed at the cottage as Paul and our nephew Johnathon finished the upstairs remodel and carpet was put in. Although the weather was cold, we took a long walk on the pier and saw many, many swans in the channel and Muskegon Lake. Evie slept most of the time during her first stroller ride.

Johnathon and Evie

Evie's first ride in the stroller, NoGo and Evie, GoGo and Evie, and Tia Andrea and Evie.

Evie, Evie, Evie.......