Monday, June 16, 2008

We call her Grunty McGillicutty

Evie, Emma, Lucy and I took our first walk together. The weather was wonderful and the sun was shining and Evie grunted the whole time! I enjoyed getting some fresh air and getting out of the house. I am setting a goal of getting out of the house more often and getting some sun rays on my face! On this outing, I am very thankful that Emma did not roll in anything really stinky as is the norm!

Shirley always called my cousins, my sister and me her grunts while she was giving us chores to do around her house. Although it wasn't my favorite nickname, I am shocked to say that I call Evie my grunt all the time! She is just a grunter. She grunts morning, noon, and night! Here is a video clip of her grunting on our walk.

She is just so entertaining to have in my life!

The other day she started smiling at me. It doesn't happen all the time but she will occasionally look me directly in the eyes and a huge smile will come across her face. It is intensional rather than instinctual now- SO AWESOME!!!


Jenny from the block said...

That is hysterical...I had to watch your video twice.I am so glad you are having a good time with your blog...really fun for me to check in and see what you have posted new! I also read the blog that I sent you as the example, and I swear I get mad at ya'll when I go out there and there are no new pictures...LOL and yet I don't even have one for my kids.

jference said...

That is awesome!! She sounds like she is very entertaining and fits right in!!
Talk to you later,