Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Patty's Day 2009

So I checked Facebook in the morning and everyone said they were giving their kids green food; green pancakes, cinnamon rolls with green icing, and green breakfast casserole, sooooo I thought Evie may want to have some green food too! I dressed her in her adorable leg warmers (the weather was FAB! 70's in March hurray!) and sat her down for some avocado breakfast. She ended up with most of it smeared across her face but did seem to get some in her mouth. What a mess! Then she went into the sunporch to watch Emma and Lucy sunbath on the deck! She loves watching them while they are outside and waving and talking to them. Later in the day, we took a looooong walk in the woods which was awesome because Emma was so tierd, she forgot to punch us every two minutes!

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