Saturday, April 4, 2009

My sweet sweet love!

We have been doing a bit of this and a bit of that lately! Because Evie is eating food now, the diaper situation has changed. Paul recently installed a sink sprayer to our toilet and it works awesome! The directions can be found at:

and was about $25 cheaper than buying a kit online. I will post a photo when I get a chance. We have also been experimenting with different liners for our cloth diapers. I tried microfleece- mainly b/c it is cheap and easily accessible but poor cuteness is developing a rash b/c of it so now I am awaiting a shipment of raw silk to make some liners. I purchased two from a local store and they work wonderfully and cleared up her rash overnight so I am looking forward to having enough silk liners that I can chuck the fleece. Really, I think I am going to try to come up with a project to reuse the 9 X 13 squares of fleece I have now.... any ideas? I also finished a new sling for Evie and will be posting a tutorial soon (b/c there aren't any out there.... weird). Here are some recent photos of the sweet one and a video where she is experimenting with sound..Cutie Pie, sweet love, darling faced girl (God help me, I sound like my mother!)

Oh yeah... and I have been knitting up some wool covers lately too (see the pink skirty up top? That is her diaper cover!)! I am hoping that before she is one, we will be using a 100% natural diapering system. Wish me luck!

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