Sunday, December 28, 2008

Evie's first Christmas


Evie turned 7 months on the 5th and oh what a month it has been! More parties seeing the Spira's and the Mixa's! She is jabbering away like crazy! Earlier this month it was sticking her tongue out and making bubbles. That turned into making motorboat sounds and ba ba ba ba ba, then today she started with da da da. It has been so cool watching her speech evolve. No words yet (although I swear she has been saying 'hi' at totally appropriate times for months now! She is getting up on all fours with no problem and almost crawling. She can now push herself up from laying down to a sitting position and keeps trying to pull herself up on tables, footstools and her favorite thing to pull herself up on is me!


Cheri said...

Great to see Evie's first Christmas. Missed you on the Eve. I recognize the sweater in the video. Love Ya. Cheri

Master Mixa said...


That is my favorite sweater! I am going to really miss it when she outgrows it... which I hope will not be soon. If I stop watering her, will she stop growing?